A Golden Bookmark for your uniform preferences

The Prazukyo ImageWear is committed to providing exclusively designed uniforms to hotels and restaurants with unparalleled quality, consistency and comfort. Our company aims to interpret our client’s corporate image through customized uniforms of impeccable workmanship.

The Prazukyo ImageWear team upholds a specialization process directly focusing on extensive uniform solutions of hotels and restaurants. We comprehend that uniform is more than just a set of clothes, for us the company uniform evokes company pride, reflects authority, responsibility and professionalism amongst the staff and builds confidence in your customer.

We at Prazukyo ImageWear only employ the best in our industry. We cannot achieve our goal of being your source for uniforms unless we also work unceasingly to source quality fabric and exceptional designs. For us, we’d like for your staff to wear uniforms that will lift their morale, determination and pride.

For us it’s personal.

Our People

Designer and Director