Bespoke Uniform Designers

Prazukyo ImageWear provides a unique, contemporary and stylish hospitality uniform tailored to clients’ precise needs and resonates the identity associated to the client’s brand. Our company offers bespoke uniforms aiming to enhance the clients’ brand image, and our comprehension to changing trends means we can assist you to choose the right image for your brand.


Giving an exceptional first impression not only helps boost your brand integrity but also sends the right message to your guests, consequently contributes to a better experience.


Making the guests’ dining experience superior to what they feel at home can be achieved just by the confidence of the staff.  It is vital that uniforms are designed for aesthetics, superior fit, and comfort to ensure your staff looks smart and professional in the eyes of your customers.


Developing a sense of trust and recognition among your customers is crucial, that is why it’s imperative to make sure the staff is outfitted with a uniform that’s professional, practical and functional.