Everyday, designers create clothes and dresses, however it is nothing out ordinary. But in the archipelago, there is a designer who made a name for himself as a designer specializing in uniforms. He is none other than Prazukyo.

In 2008,Prazukyo started his career by becoming an assistant designer to Poppy Dharsono- a designer specializing in work uniforms. Feeling he has learned the ropes of the business, he decided to separate from Poppy Dharsono to be independent, so in 2010 he decided to launch his own company, which took off immediately.

Since then, he started pioneering and proving himself as a designer of hotel employees’ uniforms. According to him, choosing a career as such is a challenge because he must fabricate designs that will reflect and unify the vision and mission of his clients.

“I became a designer and chose to focus on the clothing designs of hotel employees. I think to be this kind of designer is very challenging because I have to visualize many ways how to fuse the vision and mission of various aspects of the company with my designs, “said Prazukyo to VIVA.co.id.

He said he has since designed the uniforms of 25 international hotel including high-end brands including Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, Kempinski Jakarta, Four Seasons Jakarta, JW Marriot, Crown Plaza and Hilton Bali.

The up-and-coming designer doesn’t forget to incorporate some classic and traditional inspiration such as embroidery and batik- as his signature style.

“Since launching my company in 2010, I have catered to at least 25 international hotel brands. What makes my designs distinct in the market is the classic flair, touch embroidery, also batik, “he said.

(Admin’s note: Translated article from http://www.viva.co.id/gaya-hidup/gaya/914561-kiprah-desainer-seragam-karyawan-hotel-internasonal)